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As our success remain in the field of Civil and Criminal as well as Corporate since 1999. Now our diligent, qualified & proficient professionals handling also in the field of Intellectual Property in relation to the Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright, Corporate Law, Licensing and Domain Names. The firm is also providing expeditious act up to our client expectations and they are full of zeal for their work.

Criminal Litigation

AHMED ALI DEWAN & CO. always fights for justice emphases on criminal litigation either bail trail or appeal all type of solutions should be provided to the client every legal approach in criminal law, like appeals revision bail, criminal trail in original jurisdiction and all sorts of criminal miscellaneous application are drafted and be proceeded expertly. The main feature of AHMED ALI DEWAN & CO. is to undertake each and every case with an eye to its eventual trial a strategy that, in our experience, builds a foundation not only for success at trial but for the best possible settlement as well.

In a short span of time, our Company has won the trust and confidence of our clients facing criminal litigation. Our strength is our exposure and insight into the criminal justice system, enabling us to guide our clients at every stage of the case. We pursue the matter soon after the initiation of criminal investigation at the police station to advocacy and representation in the court taking the matter to its logical conclusion and desired results.

• Initiation of Criminal Proceedings
• Private Criminal Complaints
• Harassment Petitions
• Bail Matters
• Trials
• Appeals
• Criminal Investigation
• Private Investigation
• Miscellaneous Matter

Initiation of Criminal Proceedings:

Unlike foreign jurisdictions, in Pakistan the complainant is at the helm of affairs in most of the criminal offences. Usually law is set into motion with a complaint to the concerned police station, resulting in registration of a criminal case in the shape of a First Information Report (FIR). The Courts are also vested with special powers to order registration of a criminal case in the event the police, for some reason or another, refuse to register a criminal case of an aggrieved person. Approaching the court in such situations has secured us the desired results in innumerable cases in the recent past. We pursue the matter right from the beginning, ensuring an effective and fruitful investigation, securing the arrest of all those nominated in the FIR and taking your case to its logical conclusion.

Private Criminal Complaints:

Proving your case without the help and assistance of the police is difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Reluctance and refusal on the part of the local police to redress your grievance is not an unusual phenomenon. This mostly happens when your opponent is well connected and exercises influence on the police, making prosecution difficult. The Criminal Procedure Code, in the shape of a private complaint, has provided an alternative remedy for such situations; the option is equally good and effective. Our company has vast experience in scenarios where trust and confidence in police was lost and the desired results were achieved through private prosecution.

Harassment Petitions:

Criminal intimidation, threats and harassment activities are treated as serious offences under Pakistani Law. Vast powers exist with the Justice of Peace to ensure the well being of citizens by giving necessary directions to the police. Our company has provided timely relief for many victims of harassment, ensuring their safety and rights guaranteed under the Constitution of Pakistan.

Bail Matters:

We realize the importance of getting bailed out in a criminal matter. Regardless of the nature of offence, our struggle continues till a court room victory is announced in favour of our client. We provide representation to both the complainant and the accused charged in all kind of bail matters. Pre-arrest, post arrest, anticipatory bails are matters that fall within our expertise. We provide representation from the Magistrates court to the highest forum throughout the country.


Adopting the right course of action, coupled with a planned and well thought-out strategy, plays a pivotal role behind every successful trial. We strongly believe in adopting an aggressive approach when the matter is ripe for trial. Cross examination is the most effective tool to tarnish the opponent’s case and is our main strength. With endless hard work, we have successfully conducted hundreds of trials before the magistrates and sessions judges. From the most minor to the most complex, we have a high success rate of securing “not guilty” verdicts.


Denial of relief at the court of first instance is a cause of concern for most clients. Enormous experience of advocacy in the appellate court has earned our senior lawyers tremendous recognition from matters ranging from bail matters to murder & narcotics appeals. We offer dedicated and aggressive representation before the High Court and Supreme Court of Pakistan and regularly undertake both prosecution and defence appeal work. Our recent representation in some high profile criminal cases has further added to our repute.

Criminal Investigation:

We are fully aware of the pivotal role played by criminal investigation conducted by the police; this ultimately has a direct impact on the outcome of the case. Realizing its importance and sensitivity, we are able to avail the services of trained and experienced investigating officers who offer full assistance and guide our clients in the right direction, ensuring proper and effective investigation.

Private Investigation:

The tasks undertaken and services provided by efficient and expert investigators have earned us remarkable acknowledgment and appreciation by our clients for whom we regularly provide confidential requested services. Our trusted and reliable expert investigators provide confidential and private data of individuals as well as companies and organizations, depending on the nature of the information sought. Our clients range from foreign investment companies abroad to embassies for whom we render regular investigative assignments. We also cover matters such as verification of various documents, determining their genuineness and authenticity from the concerned quarters.

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